Full disclosure: one of these things I did not see, but heard about. Another may be exaggerated but by the Oath of the Cartoonist I swear it is accurate in spirit.

I live in an are that seems to be in the good/bad balance. On one hand it’s not a big city type of place so things are not as dense, which is currently an advantage. However a large part of the population can’t seem to grasp some basic freakin’ concepts so you lose that advantage almost immediately. To give you a sense: last week the cops had to shut down an ice cream stand that decided to open anyway. With about 60 people milling around out front.

So. Yeah.

ANY. Way. We persevere,  and observe as is our lot. Still working with the Wacom and it’s getting more natural. I also learned I know a pitiful amount about color so should probably add that to the List of Things to Know Before the Light.