Hello. Management is happy to report we are not dead yet. Always an upside when it comes to continuing to “get things done” as they say on all the popular life coaching cult accounts.

Who doesn’t love a good artisan craft micro brew? Made with hops named after some historic Victorian agricultural hero…water from a tiny mountain stream guarded by six generations of a rural family…labels lovingly painted by a manic outsider artist. Related: I am available to write your brewing company marketing copy.

Back in the ‘days of my yout’ as they say, before I acquired a liking for different kinds of beer, you’d sometimes order something you never head of and it was a game of chance with the devil. Once in a while they’d bring over that tiny brandy glass and you would think “Dammnit it’s a barley wine” but buddy it’s already on your bill so buck up and drink down.

Regardless. The comics continue, though sporadic. Hoping we can do something about that. Today’s is a swing at formatting for Other Viewing, so if you check it out on Instagram, you’ll get the idea.

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Some of the lesser known craft beers