So it’s happened. Color has entered the process. For why not.

When I began this it was an exercise limited to black and white, testing the waters. Eventually it became a Thing, and then some hatching and noodling was added. Eventually after that grey washes.

And here we are at the dawn of color.

To be honest the comic audience has been very….niche. So in the interest of shaking up 2020 and perhaps a new direction, trying something different. Partly to expand the comic itself, also to get my hands on this pen tablet that someone was so very kind to hand off to me and has spent far too much time languishing next to the video cabinet. It was done in ink on bristol, with a gray ink wash for some shading then colored in ye digital. Who knows perhaps at some point it will be soup to nuts digital, but I do so much love the feel of an ink brush so, hard to say.

I have been thinking about the future of this comic and discussing comic lifespan, weighing options and thoughts about where, if anywhere, this is headed. There were a few thoughts about putting the Pin of Fate on this and trying another comic, another format. Still uncommitted, but the other ideas may not be ripe so onward we go.