Impact point has been waiting in the wings for a while and its time has come. At first glance it may seem like a morbidly pessimistic way to handle a bad situation, but one could argue perhaps that it is actually optimistic. A reminder that in thousands of years whatever it is will seem minuscule by comparison so why let it bother you so?

No actually that is equally bad. Never mind. The point is we all deal with stress in our own way. Or something.

I keep a small sketchbook that I write ideas in. If you do anything creative, you hear that a lot – keep a list, write it down. Believe me – do it. You will forget if you don’t. I can’t tell you how many times I open the book and see something I forgot I even wrote down. Not all are ready for use, but many, over time, will evolve into something interesting. Also the number of times I didn’t have the book, and by the time I got to it….idea was gone. Pity. Anyway – keep a book.