Aug 2Please don’t let me be miscyberstood


Oct 28Who will pay the check and what will be left for a tip?
Sep 3Some of the lesser known craft beers
Feb 15Pandemic Hijynx
Jan 1We’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet


Nov 25The Ballad of Captain Thanksween
Oct 30Welcome back Mr. Moundshroud
Sep 24A true story: The wine guy
Sep 14How not to wear a mask.
Aug 24I was walking through the park one day….
May 30What have we been slacking off on while sheltering?
May 22The internet wants you to stay healthy.
May 4How are our pets getting through quarantine?
Apr 17Activities to keep yourself occupied during the quarantine
Apr 6Things what I seen at the grocery store during the pandemic
Mar 29Vignettes of sequestering
Jan 27Salty miscommunication


Nov 27What y’all thankful for?
Oct 29Uncanny Valley of the Dolls in 4D
Sep 16Unacceptable hypotheses
Apr 18Velvet Buzzstraw
Mar 4Plumbing and other issues


Dec 30May we all be alive at this same time next year
Dec 7The internet just wants whats best for destroying you
Nov 20What are you thankful for?
Oct 30We’ll swallow your soul….but not on the bowl.
Jul 3Happy Fourth of Julaaaaaarghhhh
Jun 15On-lyin’
May 31The secret marketers don’t want you to know
May 24Numbers and colors and shapes don’t lie.
May 17Return of the Internet
Mar 28The Hunt


Nov 20Black Friday steals
Oct 30When Halloween is full, some type of undead will show up
Oct 20Who barks there?
Sep 1Unlife coaching skills
Jun 30Caution: Emits showers of Liberty
Jun 9Getting away
Apr 21The most depressing restaurant in the world
Apr 11Egg hunt
Mar 23Springed, sprangded, have/has/had spronged
Feb 10More Valentines for that Special Someone!
Jan 28Misrelated relatability
Jan 13What’s your resolution for 2017?


Dec 31May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.
Dec 24Christmas spirit
Dec 15Vengeance is out of stock
Nov 23Better luck next Thanksgiving
Nov 17The Christmas Creep
Oct 28Creeps creeped out by a creepy creeping creeper
Oct 20The thin chibi line
Oct 6Repetition makes repudation
Sep 15Graphical newspeak
Aug 18Lasagna and Mondays, Inc.
Aug 4Comic was not very effective
Jul 13Rough week
Jun 30Too soon?
Jun 17The internet is needed elsewhere
Apr 20#hashtagged
Mar 25On Easter, no one can hear you scream
Mar 4The internet is in
Jan 29Internet amok
Jan 8The internet walks into a bar


Dec 31Athbhlian faoi Mhaise Daoibh
Dec 22Joy, judgement, and tinsel
Nov 25Thanksgiving gone Wilde
Nov 20Bros before trauma
Nov 16The violence inherent in the season
Oct 24The Specials
Oct 9Retribution with orange juice on the side
Sep 18What’s hot?
Sep 4It’s always something.
Aug 7Ruining the end of the world
Jul 31Just hold your head high and put that book down.
Jul 17Shared apocalypse
Jul 10Point of personal impact
Jul 2And the rocket’s red glare, the grills bursting in air.
Jun 26It’s all in the spin, kid.
Jun 19Plagiraffism
May 15Full contact marketing
Apr 17More like H.R. Stuf-in-puf, amirite?
Mar 26Eggsidious
Mar 20B.A. in Literature and a Masters in Disguise
Mar 13Literary chaos
Mar 7The man behind the mummy
Feb 2869 Tints of Rebel Mummy Chapter 4: The Alien Way
Feb 20The Misfit Alien Quontology: 69 Tints of Rebel Mummy
Feb 12Valentines for that special someone
Feb 5Errrrrmmmmmmmuuhhhhhh
Jan 30890 Caliber Boulle Special
Jan 22Misadventure
Jan 15Irresolute resolution unresolved


Dec 30New Year, ready or not
Dec 18Christmas Caper Kringle Copped
Dec 12Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the cynic?
Nov 26What are YOU thankful for?
Nov 21A hero for our time
Nov 14All the wrong moves
Nov 7TO BECOME A LEGEND. Or a cautionary tale. Or both.
Oct 31Halloween Trust Issues
Oct 17Athletic support
Oct 10Motivation inundation
Sep 19Team Tryouch
Sep 12Paining Season
Sep 5Sriracha Super Soaker Challenge interrupted
Aug 29It’s a horror just to be nominated
Aug 7Lazy, hazy, crazy, highly infectious days of summer
Aug 1Crisp, hoppy with a hint of vigilantism
Jul 25Rod Serling’s Night Cubicle
Jul 18Glorbification
Jul 10Justifiable paranoia
Jun 27Glorb.
Jun 20Kafka, Fran and Ollie
Jun 12The lady or the tiger?
Jun 6Life, Redacted
May 16Ostensibly overheard
May 2Asymmetrical Popularity
Apr 25Contrary metonymy
Apr 17Let Easter in.
Mar 21Meta for life
Mar 14For all their wars are merry, And all their songs are sad.
Jan 17Let the punishment fit the time


Dec 30Ring it in, bring it on.
Dec 20Ho Oh No
Nov 26Thanksgetting
Nov 22Also deep knee bends. And lunges.
Nov 14What has been unseen cannot be seen
Nov 7The Return of the Non-visible Deviant
Oct 30Make Mine a Silver Shamrock
Oct 24Four for a dollarrrrrrrrgh
Oct 17Negative reinforcement enforcement
Oct 3Fiendbook
Sep 12One 8″ X 10″ and eight wallet size
Aug 29Philophobia
Aug 1Creamskipcle
Jun 20A man, a plan and a plant
May 30Birds, bees and botany
May 9April showers bring May…things
Apr 25It was either this or Monopoly
Apr 11Paranoia: Step 4
Apr 4Conversational no fly zone
Mar 28North by Northeaster
Mar 21All is well that ends well in the end.
Mar 14It’s always the quiet ones
Feb 28Fair – Unfair
Feb 14Love and Other Unconventional Emotions
Jan 24Brought low


Dec 27The New Year Cometh
Dec 20The Santa Trap
Nov 21Pass the Victor Hugo and cranberry sauce
Nov 15Still kicking
Oct 25And it was the afternoon of Halloween.
Oct 4Predator and Pray
Jul 26Vindication
Jul 12Don’t talk rot, Winston.
Jun 28Safety Fourth
Jun 14Too fast food
Jun 7The Chase is On
May 31Failure to communicate
May 24Existential Metaphor
Apr 5I want to play an Easter game.
Mar 22Lunar Louts
Mar 15Anger Mismanagement
Mar 8Ackbar Neapolitan
Mar 1I scream you scream
Feb 23Jadeder
Feb 16Love hurts. Like nunchucks in the night.
Feb 9The laws of physics and trust issues.
Feb 2We just live in it.
Jan 26I’ll be sad in heaven
Jan 19There wasn’t a damn thing I could do or say
Jan 12Invisible man who can sing in a visible voice.
Jan 5If it’s any consolation, I don’t begin to understand them.


Dec 29May your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, but never in want.
Dec 22‘Tis better to give than to receive.
Dec 15Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Dec 8I think there was a pigeon in there too.
Dec 1A day in the park
Nov 24Me and Torrence down by the schoolyard
Nov 17The Duke of Thanksgiving
Nov 10I drank up and went out of the hotel to see what this strange world had to offer.
Nov 3Storytime
Oct 27It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare.
Oct 20There is no GOD HELP US in team.
Oct 13Quitters never win
Oct 6Pulling one for the team
Sep 29Failure to launch
Sep 22Catch the fever!
Sep 15Physics makes victims of us all.
Sep 8Second thoughts
Sep 1Of wingmen and madmen
Aug 25Life’s a beach, then you die.
Aug 18It’s déjà vu all over the place
Aug 11How he came to life one day
Aug 4The greater of two evils
Jul 28Plan C
Jul 21A place for everyone and everyone in their place
Jul 14Interlude
Jul 7Le cygne
Jun 30Through the night with a light from above.
Jun 23Gentlemen. It has been a privilege playing with you tonight.
Jun 16snuh
Jun 9the play’s the thing
Jun 2I wonder who my visitors will be.
May 26Believe It or Not
May 19Takes one to know one.
May 12The right tool for the right job.
May 5But I really really wanted a refrigerator magnet.
Apr 28As expected
Apr 21Easter Club
Apr 14Also bounder, troglodyte, and vulgarian.
Apr 7No man is an ILand
Mar 31Story of my life
Mar 29VITA
Mar 24Grounded
Mar 17Dibs. Called it.
Mar 10Symbolism fail
Mar 3Terms of Enragement
Feb 24Stage Five: Acceptance
Feb 17PANEL FOUR: Skroode attempts to make MacGuffin’s head explode vis-à-vis Scanners
Feb 10With fiends like these
Feb 3Furious math
Jan 27Just South of Nowhere
Jan 20Crossroads
Jan 13There can be no understanding between the hand and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator.
Jan 6Denied.


Dec 29Auld Lang Syne
Dec 22The unfortunate result of too much egg nog.
Dec 16Nothing new
Dec 9Dude. Sorry.
Dec 2Freaking the freak
Nov 24Happy Thanxmas
Nov 18The Interview
Nov 11Well. This is awkward.
Nov 4There’s always one
Oct 31Trick or Treat
Oct 28Suddenly
Oct 21Serendipity
Oct 14Moving On
Oct 7As any fool can plainly see
Sep 30Raison D’être
Sep 23Staying Positive
Sep 16Skeptic No More
Sep 9High Cost of Living
Sep 2Judge Not, Lest
Aug 26Yeah. Yeah. Let’s do that.
Aug 19Establishing alpha
Aug 12Him or Me
Aug 5Hold On
Jul 29Still the Champ
Jul 22Adventurous Interruptus
Jul 15Off and Running
Jul 8Patience is a Virtue
Jul 1The Rockets Red Glare
Jun 24Of Grand Schemes and Sturdy Wood
Jun 17Nice weather we’re having, yes?
Jun 10Meanwhile…
Jun 3Hardcore Logic
May 27Crime and Punishment
May 20My Poison. Not Yours.
May 13Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.
May 6The Deal
Apr 29An Opportunity To
Apr 22High Drama
Apr 15Standards
Apr 8Is there a problem?
Apr 1A Monkey’s Paw
Mar 25And then I found You
Mar 22And then we have Winston…
Mar 18Equal Skrooing
Mar 3Enter a Suit
Feb 25Lower Expectations
Feb 18Great Expectations
Feb 11It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.