I think people fall into two groups……either during the lat few months you have been very very busy, or very very bored. I’ve been on the busy side mostly. No mushrooms on the belly yet.

It’s fair to day this has turned a corner into a “cast of characters and also other things I want to draw” type of comic. Weighed this back and forth and decided these things really have their own life and at certain points it’s best to let them be what they want to be.

This originally started as “practice” in a sense. The idea was to do¬†SOMETHING – to make a comic on a schedule, feel out posting, the process, find the dips and challenges and so on. At the start I told myself there was no attachment to the characters and no long term goals, so I was free to just wing it.

Ten years later and still winging it. A lot learned but also I did end up holding on to these characters for better or worse. No fame, but still that drive to keep making these that only other people with the same obsession would relate to I suppose.