Greetings from Pandemic month…..i want to say…….32?

Masks seem to even now continue to be a point of confusion for many folks, from “Do I need one” to “Why doesn’t this sock over my face count?”.

True story: a few months ago, I was in the supermarket and as I turned the end of an aisle, saw far down near the corner of the store a guy pushing a cart wearing a clown mask. The kind that fits over the top of the head with curly red hair. And I was immediately aware of two things: without even asking that he thought he was the most cleverest boy in the place and if asked would say, “But I AM wearing a mask!”. The second that he was the dumbest person I would lay eyes on for the month and hated him like House Atreides hates House Harkonnen.

I like to think he’s in panel eight.

Stay safe.