I do not claim to be a well read man. I mean I read a lot. But 75% of the words I cram into my head would be hard pressed to be described as ‘high literature’. Still, The Pearl fills me with dread to this day.

I didn’t dislike reading the books that were assigned in general, varying from enjoying them to whatever-let’s-just-get-through-this. But there were a rare few that were a trudge to complete and left me praying for a quick end. Generally Steinbeck fell into that category. But that’s life. One minute you’re holding a priceless product of an irritated mollusk; the next you’re putting a bullet into your best friend next to the river. Or at least that’s what I got out of it.

Halloween is upon us. An all too brief time of crisp autumn air, haunted streets, and creepy joy. Enjoy.

Happy Halloween.