I try not to judge anyone by their taste in books or movies. My own is eclectic which I am self-aware of, and I don’t mean that in a ‘I’m a cool hipster into all the stuff no one knows about’ way. And I am ok that there are some things I hold dearly that I know are not going to be listed among the high points of culture by the futuristic alien archaeologists of 3023. Still¬†some of the current entertainment has me at a loss. Is it me? It’s probably me. It usually is.

Two thoughts on making these inky runes. First, I really need to work on my typography. For whatever reason I do these by hand, bristol, ink, pencils…the only thing I am missing is perhaps a guttering candle and a goat hair robe. Perhaps I shall spend a day copying the phone book by hand with a quill pen in Belwe.

Also – it’s interesting how the long term story vs. one off comic alternates. After a run of one or two off ¬†comics, I start to think ‘I haven’t done anything substantial in a while. Something to really look at the characters. I shall do that.’. Then about halfway through it becomes ‘I so desperately need to draw them doing something incomprehensibly stupid.’

We’ll see how far this story goes. I’m not even sure at this point. Is that disorganized or hapless? Maybe? Yes? Probably.