Let’s start sharing some sketchbook stuff in 2015 shall we? The gruesome, rough, inky trough from which each strip emerges into the world. More or less.

This random page was apparently during a Torrence the Triffid run, just playing with the angriest plant in the world and seeing what he was up to, judging if any had potential for sharing.

Torrence in the sketchbook for January 20, 2015

Also we have a few fairies roaming in the lower right. When I have my sketchbook out my daughter will often ride shotgun and commandeer the pen or make requests for certain topics. “Draw a fairy!” She says this knowing she will get two pictures. The first will ┬ábe delivered the way a questionable genie delivers wishes – with some aspect warped intentionally. The second as she wanted in the first place.

There was a short discussion on “How do you draw hands?”. However it did not fit in the 60 second attention span so all we got is a couple rough hands floating about.