Something from the depths of the sketchbook, funneled from my subconscious to the page. (Click for the big.)

Things that Terrify Me

Various boogens and monsters that have found a cozy home in the back of my head. Some are pretty self explanatory – I mean, a floating head right? What more do you need to say?

The Blob was the first movie to leave me sleepless. At five years old it was nightmare fuel for a young imagination. The┬átriple play of horrible deaths – drowning, burned AND eaten all at once. Hurgh.

In grade school I was convinced by another kid that a vampire lived in the garage down the street. I avoided it for a year. I like to think he got a Twilight Zone ending and an actual vampire lurking in the garage snatched him in his later years.

Myself and some friends are fascinated by the things that scared us – really scared us – when we were kids. In our adulthood we track them down as best we can to bask in them now. I’m sure the Germans have a word for that. I know we’re not alone as there is a website where people share their childhood terrors and try to reunite with them. Which is, I think, 50% of what the internet was invented for.